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I got a tooth pulled yesterday. the oral surgeon says I must replace the tooth or my teeth will begin to spread and tooth below the missing one will become damaged.

He said mostly likely it will cost 00. I have very low income and NY medicaid insurance. Will they help to cover some of the implant cost?

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5 Responses to “WIll Medicaid Help Pay for My Dental Implant?”

  1. Dr. Albert, DDS (UNITED STATES) says:

    WHY NOT?

  2. smiley says:

    i doubt it. my private hmo doesn’t cover implants either.

  3. daydreams55 says:

    You can ask whoever is doing the procedure if they participate with carecredit.com you can finance that way or you can ask them if they can set up a payment arrangment with you as far as your medicaid goes you will have to call them for benifit info

  4. CDA~NY says:

    No, NY Medicaid will not cover an implant at all. Medicaid may cover something called an ‘flipper’, but your general dentist will have to send in a pre-determination for approval.

  5. diana says:

    i want to get the mini implants.
    I have purchased a dental discount insurance would that cover some of the cost of getting the mini implants?
    then i though of a second option
    what about doing payments plans?

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