I know they both are tools to replace teeth, one is removable and one is implanted, so is there a difference? Are dentures for old people only? Which one is best?

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  1. Bill says:

    Lot of people putting forth information but don’t know the facts.

    Implants are for replacing an individual tooth or a few teeth usually in different areas of the mouth. Many people opt for an implant instead of a bridge either because the adjoining teeth are too weak to support a bridge or they don’t want to incur damage to the adjoining teeth.

    Dentures are usually for all or the majority of teeth either on top/bottom or both.
    Dentures are cheaper but many people complain about how they fit, feel, etc. They also loosen with time.

    Implants can be used to secure a full denture today. A few implants are placed then a custom denture is attached to the implants.
    This is usually a better option than full mouth dentures but has some downsides. Must have sufficient bone mass or able to have a bone graft, time for the implants to fuse, cost of the procedure, etc.

    Dentures are mostly worn by older people because most people don’t lose their teeth until their 50’s and 60’s but I know some people in their 20’s who wear dentures.

  2. xxrawritsemilyxx says:

    neither of them is very good but dentures are better cause you can take them out and they aren’t painful, but they are cheaper 2!!!

  3. jareyn2002 says:

    Dentures are for people that can’t afford implants

  4. Ryan G says:

    from what i know they are both the same and if you don’t want people to know you have dentures get the non removable ones. people will never know

  5. peaches6 says:

    You basically answered your own question. Dentures are for young and old. Good Luck!

  6. Sarah G says:

    dental implants are for if you have some teeth left and ddont want them pulled.. sometimes people just get implants because they dont want people to know they have fake teeth… dentures are probably i bit less expensive if your talking about implants for your entire mouth

  7. R & C N says:

    Dentures are removable, implants are not. A lot of old people have dentures because that was all that was available to them. But sometimes the bone draws away from the implants so I guess the question is which do you prefer.

  8. notyou311 says:

    There is a big difference. Dentures are not permanent. They can be removed and they may not fit well. Sometimes it is very obvious that they are not your real teeth. You have to use an adhesive with them. Dental implants are permanent. They are attached to screws implanted in your jaw. They are much more expensive than dentures. Age has nothing to do with it. It depends on which ones you can afford and how much discomfort you can stand.

  9. EROS7776 says:

    Dental implants are just that – they pull the natural tooth, drill a hole in the bone and screw a new tooth into the space. The tooth is considered permanent and you cannot remove it to clean. Dentures can be partial to replace a few teeth or full to replace all teeth on either top or bottom. They are taken out and brushed or soaked to clean and are not permanent structures. Implants can run several thousand dollars each, while you can get dentures some places for under $500 each plate.

    Hope this helps.

  10. Joe G says:

    You nailed it. Dentures are removable, implants are just that…implanted "synthetic" teeth. These are usually screwed into the bone in order to achieve the same result as removable dentures would. In most cases dentures are either a complete set of "lowers" or "uppers" vs with implants the patient can have a range from one implanted tooth, to an entire implanted set. The "best" scenario is not to need either, but the patient and his or her dentist would need to determine which course is best to take depending upon the patients needs.

  11. tychecat says:

    Dentures are a pain in the neck! Implants are expensive, but worth it!

  12. lilrayne09 says:

    Well the obvious difference is the price. You can pay anywhere from $3,000 to about $5,000 dollars for a single tooth with implants. As for dentures depending if they are full mouth dentures or, partial dentures, you can pay about maybe $600-$1000 or more. The looks would be another obvious thing. You can get a full mouth implant denture which you would never have to take off because they place these rods into your upper or lower bone, so that the denture can snap into place with the attachments that they have placed into your bone. With regular dentures you have to get them relined over a period of time also there is the denture bonding sources that you have to use to keep them on which can be quite messy at times depending on which ones you use. There are many pros and cons to both too much to add to the answer section, but I hope this helps.

  13. Nice Cat says:

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