Mini implants left lower molar?

Another question Dental. I have a missing left lower molar per photo in front of the tooth circle red. I had taken when I was very poor and could not afford a root canal years ago :-( I understand that the implant is the best method to replace the void mini. I’m not exactly comfortable and I was wondering if a mini implant is the least expensive approach would be better to get a dental plan to reduce costs? Other ways to reduce the cost of this procedure? Thanks, Lee. If I took a dental plan, and assuming they would pay for the mini implants. Would allow me to do this work, even if you need one before taking the policy? Thanks, Lee. Therefore, an implant or bridge of the track is full forward?

A mini-implant is not intended as a permanent replacement. They are generally less expensive than a regular implant, but only last about 1 / 4 time. If it is a molar certainly would not have a mini implant placed there, as is too much pressure on a Mini and never take place over time. You end up losing. Dental insurance does not generally cover the cost of implants, so no help. Unless you go to a dental school or enter some type of college, I really do not know how can reduce the cost of this procedure.

Posterior Protraction Using Mini-Screw

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