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Maxi Implants give MPs smile least two visits. two in one treatment session without pain or the pain and finished in three weeks to replace ill-fitting dentures and tooth loss with a new smile

“For me, my dental implants are a miracle”

Ivan Rihoy Deputy Minister of Environment of the Parliament of Guernsey, had a dental prosthesis of four to the front with a loose bridge four sides and trying desperately to find a solution. other dentists, came said he could not do anything. After an Internet search, however, found with a dental spa in London, and after consultation with the conclusion that could have created a implantsto natural looking teeth.

How do you have?
His mouth was full of maxillary implants

Why did you decide procedure?
I stayed with the institution to have an upper jaw of complete dentures – no dentists, I saw in Guernsey had been informed of my mini implants “- is just go on the web and finding Kensington Dental Spa di me account of implants were available.

Tell us about your first date
I had a full examination lasts two to three hours – a full consultation. Since I live in Guernsey, the first part of the work was performed the next day, a magnificent gesture especially being a Saturday!

How did you feel before proceeding?
I do not feel nervous, but it made me feel very relaxed and confident in the specialists.

Describe what happened happened during the procedure.
I was in the chair for about six hours – but not too upset. I could not imagine the current drilling, but I felt nothing. I do not know if implants are placed and there was no many photos taken to ensure the end result would be a good thing – which, obviously, it was.

What you have in terms of discomfort?
I really had any pain – the normal effects when you get anesthesia disappears – only a minor ailment jaw.

Are there any complications during the procedure?
Not all – were very professional job

How did you feel immediately after the procedure?
I felt well after the Party of treatment – after six hours in the saddle, flew to Guernsey

How have you tried immediately after the procedure?
No other upper teeth – with the exception of a mouth, which in itself looked great

How you feel and look after three months procedure?
Absolutely great with an excellent set of upper teeth – to look at ten years earlier!

Are there any complications during the recovery period?

What surprised you most about the procedure?
The fact that there was no pain and was carried out in principle so in less than two weeks. I really felt like the man a new image of confidence.

Are you satisfied with the outcome?
Yes, I certainly am. I recommend anyone considering this procedure implants he gave me my appearance and confidence.

Given the chance again?
Of course. Best thing that has happened in respect of my teeth. I would recommend anyone to get implants – do not dentures. For me, my dental implants gave me a new life

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