Mini dental implants: a way for a younger

“For 45 years, I still had that gleam in his eyes that always reminded me of the beautiful I decided to marry women. But for years, since I had this problem, has never been the same woman as she once was, “said Phyllis Hicks husband.

In livelihood almost perfect Phyllis, she always knew she would never be the same person as before, at the time of her smile could brighten even the entire room dark. She knew that when she lost all her teeth. Finally, the bone that supports their prostheses gradually disappeared. Due to changes in the structure introduced by loss of the main structure of your mouth, your dentures do not correspond completely finished. This has resulted in constant pain caused by the occasional touch of the prosthesis.

“I was more because I looked older. Deep wrinkles begin to appear in recent years with the collapse of the face. Be optimistic and gay person I am, I tried to keep a positive attitude among everyone. However, my constant paranoia my dentures flying out of my mouth when I was with people and feelings anxiety because of pain in the mouth to keep my distance. ”

Fortunately, Phyllis concerns “were not forever. She was really able to find a solution . For many it was impossible, and at least 20 years ago. When she tried his friends and even asked talked about her plastic surgery, because now looks 10 years younger. They knew that everything he does is restore what had always been – a nice set of perfect teeth that brought not only his smile or the twinkle in his eyes. It also reduced the real Phyllis Hicks. All this is due to days they decided to have mini implants.

So what do dental implants so different are dental implants we already know?

These implants to stabilize dentures one person missing teeth. How Mini Dental Implants is simple. The same thing that happened Phyllis bony structures, over the years, when we lose our teeth, bones that support them also disappear. Thus, when the Mini Dental Implants are placed in the mouth, providing a new basis and support for the prosthesis stable. This allows deeper wrinkles and sagging faces.

Mini dental implants are the latest dental procedures that can help people who have problems with poorly fitting dentures and tooth loss. There is easy and affordable, making it very well that you can use immediately. Mini dental implants are usually placed in the morning, and if only for lunch, and you can enjoy a good steak!

Do not hold you in the shadow of shame only because their teeth problems. If your teeth makes you uncomfortable, do not suffer. Go to a dentist or all institutions offering dental implants and its own set of mini dental implants.

Phyllis suffered the problem for 20 years because a solution is not yet available. Do not go through what he did. The solution is within reach.

About the Author

Dr. Thomas N. Heap is a graduate of the dental school at UTHSC here in Houston. He has over 30 years of experience serving the community as a general practitioner with an emphasis on Cosmetic and Implant Dentristry. Dr. Heap provides solutions for the smallest of needs up to and including the most complex smile rejuvinations.

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