Mini dental implants are right for me?

I have 33 years and a complete denture. I had anticipated that dental implants placed, but only to discover I need a bone graft is serious. I do not think I can afford it, besides no one in my area that can do (Orlando, FL). Am candidate for mini implants? Also, if you do not receive regular implants and bone graft, sinking my face out to have bone loss?

Continue bone loss with age, and probably will take you to Search over what they are and possibly even have enough bones to keep your teeth false … Mini implants will always need an amount of bone to be successful and whether or not they would be right for you should be evaluated in the same way when told that were bone grafts. Search in (if not already) to the implants as support for dentures, thus requiring fewer implants therefore less graft. (You may have as little as four implants, two down, two up) not wearing dentures as the roof of the mouth is open and is fixed in the mouth.

Stabilize Your Denture With Mini Dental Implants

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