My teeth are moving into the gap. I have the choice of having a dental implant, or drilling two perfectly healthy teeth to make a bridge. I am slightly dental phobic and would not cope well with lots of pain during either procedure.

Which one should I choose?
Thanks all. Costs are unimportant. I would rather have a healthy mouth long term. Just concerned at the pain during insertion..I don’t numb up well on the lower jaw (maybe should have mentioned that!)

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  1. LittleMermaid says:

    There is less pain from a dental implant than pulling a tooth. If you were able to tolerate that, then the implant will be a breeze.

    I would certainly not sacrifice the other two teeth to do a bridge. On average, a bridge lasts between 10-20 years, where the implant would last over 30. In my office a complete implant procedure would actually only run a few hundred dollars more than a 3 unit bridge, so the cost isn’t really a factor in the choice for most patients.

  2. Dental Commando says:

    Neither procedure should be painful as anaesthetic is used although postoperatively the implant might be sore for a while. Personally I would go for the implant as it removes the need to drill sound teeth. It is however a less pleasant operation and requires more visits to the dentist so if you are a dental phobic you may be better off with the bridge. Talk your options through with your dentist.

  3. sunnypearlrose says:

    There is very minimal pain after a dental implant surgery and no pain during the procedure either. In most cases, a patient can walk out of the office ready to go back to work. Absolutely go for implants rather than a bridge.

    Since you are dental phobic, you can be prescribed a valium or halcion to relax you during the procedure.

  4. joel c says:

    Sounds like the pain will be minimal either way. How is the cost? Implants are pricey from what I hear.

  5. Chris C says:

    Don’t let the cost be a factor if at all possible. Get the dental implant. You will be much better off in the long run. Find a good periodontist or oral surgeon that specializes in implants. One implant and the right drugs should be a piece of cake. My dad has an implant retained upper denture and I used to sell them. Not being offered an implant as a single tooth replacement option is irresponsible on the part of a general dentist. Don’t grind down two healthy teeth if you don’t have to.

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