I am 17 and i have this dental problem that i developed when my adult teeth came in and ill be having Dentures i wont get implants until my dad gets a railroad job.. but how long did it take you to get use to dentures and to eat with them?

and how long does it take the dentist to make dentures for you?
& do they hurt inside your mouth? and does the dentist give any pain meds?

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  1. bumblebee says:

    Most dentists now do what they call ‘same day dentures’ Basically what happens, is the take impressions of your mouth. Then they extract your teeth and place the denture in immediately. These immediate dentures help with pain, swelling and bleeding. It takes about a year for your gums to heal fully. As they heal, they shrink up and you will have to go back a few times to have your dentures relined. Relining is when they put a soft liner in the dentures making them fit your mouth better. It also makes them a bit more comfortable.

    As for eating, your gums will be tender for awhile so it’s best to stick with soft foods like, soups, pudding, yogurt, mashed potatoes….you get the idea :) And just gradually work your way up to more solid food. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different but you should be ok to eat normally within 2-6 months, depending on how you handle them. Also, talking may be a struggle at first. my best advice is to read out loud or even sing with the radio. So just have some patience and know it wont be that way forever.

    there will be some pain but like I said, everyone has a different pain tolerance so how much pain kind of depends on you. They will prescribe you painkillers….usually vicodin. Also, the day you have it done, when you get home, put ice packs on your face. It will help with any swelling

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