I have very bad teeth and will have to have implants if I want to have teeth in certain places again. I was wondering how bad they hurt. I am not as sensitive as everyone else seems to be when it comes to tooth pain because I have had so much work done and so many open parts in my teeth. Also, are there any alternatives to implants, dentures or partials?

Mini Dental Implants, Dental Mini Implants

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  1. loveydove66 says:

    They don’t hurt, but it is a procedure that takes a series of appointments over a few months. They have to imbed the screw that will hold the tooth and let that heal. Then they have to make the tooth to match your others. The last step is attaching the completed tooth to the screw. Implants are incredibly expensive.

  2. princeofdarkness says:

    Most dental procedures are pain free & implants are an one time investment & a permanent solution to bad teeth.

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