I got dental implant on the lower right within the last year. There were no problems or complications. This past week the gum in front of the implanted tooth started hurting and got puffy. The rest of the gums are fine. I started flossing more, and it seems to be irritating the gum more. This morning the whole gum in front of the implant looked like a giant blister (sorry… gross) and bled quite a bit (but stopped quickly). Does anyone know what’s going on?

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  1. Skeeter says:

    I have dental implants and I agree you might have food stuck around the implant. Have you tried flossing the area? You also could just have a canker sore too. You need to get to the doctor. Does it hurt to bite down? Sometimes I have irritated my gums and it isn’t the implant at all but something I did. I rinsed with salt water or peroxide solution and it healed. When is the last time you had a cleaning? You need to do this every 6 months. I also use a waterpik do you?

    Do get to the dentist soon though. It might not be a big deal.

  2. abdullahmuntaser says:

    its because of the stuff they
    put in u

  3. fullofsugaw says:

    i would just put a call into the dentist and see what they say. use some mouthwash but leave it alone other than that i would say.

  4. Josie says:

    A very close friend of mind has had trouble with her implants for the last year as well. She has made an appointment with her dentist to try to get to the bottom of it and it sounds like you may want to have some one look at your gums as well. Good luck, if you are going though anything like my friend is, this has been one terrible year for you.

  5. 50B tUffCoOkEE says:

    ya.. I have had that done but never those side affects
    Go back to your dentist and tell him/her wats happening!!!
    Thats happend to my gums but never that severe they just hurt and a little swollen. It went away in a week. CHANGE YOUR DENTIST!!!

  6. Leslie G says:

    It sounds like you have an abcess. Don’t worry about it too much, it’ll go away. But in the mean time try to avoid it because it’ll most likely hurt for the entire time it’s there.

  7. New Shews says:

    You may have gotten some debris under the gum there. Poppy seeds or popcorn hulls are notorious for that. It sounds like the irritant can’t work its way out and the gum has become infected. This needs to be addressed by the dds or periodontist who put the implant in. They will be in the best position to see if this bout has damaged the bone around the implant.

    Till you see a dds (hope you can on Monday) brush area as well as you can. Floss. If you have a tiny syringe, try to squirt salt water down the pocket between tooth and gum. (1/8 tsp to 1 cup warm water). Good luck!

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