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I am trying go find out if anyone can tell me what mini teeth implants are like. I cannot afford the regular teeth implants as I have a full upper denture but I read that mini teeth implants can be quite successful and not as costly. I have my full upper denture now for 20 years and I NEVER got used to the plastic palate a person has to wear on the top and it affects my speech and taste and is so uncomfortable. I also heard that most people are candidates for mini Dental Implants as they do not require as much bone as the other dental implants. I really am determined to get rid of this full upper denture because of the discomfort of the plastic palate. I have tried everything including having my dentures relined and I have gotten three different sets of dentures over the years. I am in my fifties, female and in good health. Any suggestions grateful !

Mini Dental Implants, Dental Mini Implants

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One Response to “Does Anyone Know What Mini Dental Implants Are Like?”

  1. John Bridger - DDS says:

    Mini Implants are a great option, for the cost. The dentist will usually place 4 to 6 mini implants to support each denture. Keep in mind the mini implants are just that, SMALL, so they do not have the lifespan (possibly 2 to 8 years) of a full implant (possibly your entire life). Often one or several of the mini’s may “fall out”, however, if you have 4 to 6, you can still benefit from the retention they provide. I think it is a wonderful option for the money and would recommend you try them! Hope this helps!

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