I know a lot depends on the type you get, how many teeth you have to have pulled, the part of the country where you live, etc., but I’m trying to get a *rough* estimate of the cost of upper dentures. In a perfect world, I’d get implant dentures, but I really don’t think I could afford them. I’m looking for feed back as to how much your dentures cost (including having your teeth pulled). What type of denture did you get? Did you get immediate ones? Did you have them made to look like your natural teeth? Did you get them at one of the "same day" denture clinic? or did you go to a prosthodontist? The more specific you are, the better. Thank you all in advance!
Thanks Dr. Rajesh, but I prefer not to have "real human teeth" in my mouth. I want fake ones that haven’t been in someone else’s mouth. Eeew.

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  1. Phil says:

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  2. Rajesh Kannan says:

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