I am considering dental implant surgery to secure a full set of upper dentures with implanted titanium pins. Since no crowns will be applied to the pins, is this a less expensive and more practical way of regaining the use of my teeth. Are there any dental implant titanium pins designed for securing dentures without having to use adhesive?

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  1. Skeeter says:

    I know quite a bit about this topic. I will answer your question but feel free to click my name and write me anytime. I have a complete mouth restoration with 8 implants on top and 6 on the bottom. My teeth are screwed onto my implants which makes my teeth as secure as my permanent teeth ever were and much prettier. I have a dear friend who is a Prosthodontist. She shared with me a study she did. It is proven that those who get dentures without the teeth in the jaw that the bone begins to deteriorate. In some quicker than others. It is also proven that titanium implants mimic the roots of the teeth which stop the deteroration. Plus dentures constantly move and the friction back and forth wear against the gums. A person who can afford the kind I have has the best option but those who cannot if they can afford at least 2 to 4 implants and the denture they have modified to snap onto the implants can finally eat with confidence, never worry about slipping, can eat pretty much anything they want and the speech is corrected as the teeth are stable. It is also proven that the cost is quite a bit less than the kind I have. However, she does not recommend the "mini implants" as these do not have the longevity as the regular ones do. Also you can have the roof cut away from the uppers, thus tasting your food again like before. Never again will you need adhesives. But remember that when you have them placed you cannot put pressure on them for chewing for about 5 to 6 months. Now don’t freak out about that. It’s easier than you think and I can share how with you later if you chose to write to me.


  2. Jaime S says:

    I think implants are an excellent way to secure a denture. There are o-rings that attach the denture to the implants. No adhesive required. The implants have a ball and the denture has a hole with a ring on it that snaps onto the implant and secures it in place. This is a better way than conventional denture only…it helps preserve the bone and reduces the relignments that are needed as the bone changes under the denture. A great investment. If you are in Indiana, I know a great dentist that can help.

  3. Dr. Sam says:

    Yes and yes. Jaime and Skeeter have both given you good answers. I’m not so opposed to mini implants for dentures, though, as they are not really "loaded" the way Skeeter’s implants are. They are only "locator studs" to keep the dentures from slipping around and popping out. The gums and bone still bear most of the load from chewing and there is a bit of "play" designed into the system to keep the mini implants from actually bearing very much load. Skeeter has the "deluxe, high-priced spread" and this is a wonderful way to go, but if you simply want to improve your denture wearing experience, then mini implants might serve you very well for a bit less of an investment.

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