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Mini Dental Implants

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Mini Dental Implants are one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry today.  There is a variety of techniques of mini dental implants installation and every type of this dental procedure is based on the existing condition being addressed.

Mini dental implants resemble a small screw that gets inserted into the jaw by qualified dental surgeon. They act like a root of a tooth and provide support for any type of external denture. Those mini implants can be installed as a temporary support of a partial denture or multiple mini dental implants can be applied to hold a full denture in place.

The main function of the mini dental implant is to prevent the denture from movement in order to aid chewing. More stable denture means the person can enjoy meals consisting of hard foods. Quite often, on personal level, loose dentures can be embarrassing and can cause withdrawal from social contact.

The size of mini dental implants causes no discomfort to a dental patient and the surgical procedure is relatively simple and fast comparing to  other forms of dental implants. Minimal surgical intrusion assures quick recovery time and enables faster denture fitting.

Thanks to all benefits mentioned above mini dental implants are becoming increasingly popular. There are no age restrictions and due to comparatively gentle procedure the implants can be applied for people with advanced age.

Statistically mini dental implants are being used to support full dentures in lower jaw. This is the area which causes most problems for patients as low teeth are generally more visible and perform more work as they move with the jaw. Loose teeth or dentures cause various problems and discomfort for dental patients for practical reasons as well as personal hygiene.

Stable and well fitted dentures cause no problems while consuming and can be removed very easily for cleaning.  Mini dental implants themselves need very little maintenance. Once fully healed and established only occasional checks at the dentist will assure very long usage time.

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Mini Dental Implant

Materials and techniques used for mini dental implants

Materials and techniques used for mini dental implants application vary depending on many factors and are suited to the specific case. Price of dental implants is based on materials,  location, extra procedures involved like existing teeth extraction or new dentures. Each case is apprised individually. The cost of mini dental implants is often significantly lower comparing to regular implants.

The implants are virtually indestructible while being used their reliability depends on the installation procedure and bone density. The success rate is very high however sometimes fractures or minor misplacement do occur. Periodical checks at general dentist will assure long-term use of dentures stabilized by mini dental implants.

Benefits of mini dental implants compared to standard implants:

  • price – often even one third of a standard dental implant,
  • size – causes less discomfort,
  • can be used on any ridge of the jaw regardless of it’s shape,
  • faster recovery after procedure,
  • shorter surgery time,
  • less pain,
  • available for people with advanced age,
  • less chances for surgery related complications.

Benefits comparing to dentures include:

  • dentures not moving, loosing or falling out,
  • no sore spots, pain and ulcers,
  • no bad aesthetics and low confidence,
  • no difficulties wit eating,
  • no adhesive necessary,
  • decreased size of a denture due to no adhesion area,
  • better hygiene due to smaller denture size,
  • increased comfort and adjustment ability.

Possible complications  with mini dental implants are related mostly to the procedure itself.  The procedure often requires incisions so there is a risk of infection. Although the implant material is virtually indestructible the bone surrounding the implant can be destabilized by using excessive force on the  denture while consuming hard foods. Often patients are to eager to try out their new teeth before the complete healing occurs causing dental implant misplacement , related to that are bleeding gums in dental implant area and possible various infections.

Some statistics show only 2% loss which is very good considering that the mini dental implants procedure is historically young and has been previously used as temporary treatment or transitional phase before going to standard size dental implants or whilst conventional implants were in the healing stage.

Quite often full denture requires all teeth to be removed including  ones still in good shape, additional jaw bone augmentation – dental graft may be necessary which prolongs the total recovery time and ads to cost. It is vital to ensure that mini dental implant is able to properly support the denture in order to avoid any future complications.

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